If you are up for a tremendous 17th-century adventure involving old ships, treasure and lost crafts, set sail for Batavialand for the most fun and educational ways to celebrate your birthday party. Celebrating your birthday in Batavialand is fun, for boys and girls!


The content and duration of the tour will be tailored to the birthday boy or girl, which keeps the tour interesting for all ages and people of all interests!


You can choose to complement your visit to Batavialand by going to one of our traditional crafts workshops. This is a fun extra activity to add to your programme and it introduces children to traditional crafts and their own skills. Batavialand has various craft-related options, like workshops for knot-tying, sculpture carving or blacksmithing. The workshops last for one hour on average.


If you want to go and explore by yourself, you can do that with our scavenger hunts! You set out by yourself, following the carefully-planned scavenger hunt.


The shipyard lets you join in various traditional Dutch games like stilt-walking, hula-hooping and ring toss. You can turn any of that into a real competition with your friends if you want to!


You can also watch a film about the construction of the Batavia replica ship (length: 10 minutes) or about Cornelis Lely's dream (length: 10 minutes).

 Children's parties can be arranged from €10.25 per person. Please contact our Bookings department so we can create a personal and unique children's party together.