We can open our doors again!

On March 13, Batavialand closed its doors because of COVID-19. While the museum was closed, had work continued behind the scenes. Batavialand is ready to receive visitors again. Make your reservation now!

For example, the former exhibit OER! has made way for ‘’The land of Michelle’’. This exhibit tells the story of prehistoric times. For Michelle, and also for the Swifterbantman, hunting and gathering were the most important ways to get food.

In addition to the 60-meter long canvas ‘The Flevowand’, a projection has been added, which shows how Flevoland transformed from prehistoric timed to the present. We have also added a new photo exhibition ‘’Land in Water’’, where iconic photo’s and videos from our archives show the exploitation of Flevoland and the making of our polders.

Objects found in shipwreck ‘De Beurtvaarder’ (OB71) can be admired in the new Open Depot. The exhibit ‘’Destination (not) reached), the last voyage of the barge OB71’’ give visitors the opportunity to view unique objects within our collection for the very first time.

In addition to the ‘’IJsselkogge’’ exhibit, a new showcase has been made on the first floor, where unique pieces of the Kogge and Kuinre castles are displayed.

An ‘’Active Floor’’ has been build for children and fit adults, where your knowledge about Batavialands themes can be tested.

We have taken into account the conditions for reopening, which are specified by the government and the Museum Protocol. Because no tours are currently given, and Batavialand still wants to keep the experience live, an audio tour has been developed for our visitors. The advantage of this is that visitors don’t have to download an app, but they are able to open the tour via WiFi on their phone. We are happy to welcome you again at Batavialand!