The Flevowand

Flevoland's entire history as a large comic? That is kind of what it looks like. If you look carefully, you can see how much time and effort it has taken to produce the tapestry. Join the scavenger hunt and do some stitching of your own! At the end, your entire class will create a story about your own piece of Flevoland.

  • Target audience: Ages 7 - 12
  • Duration: About 1 hour
  • Subject area: History

Available from September 2018

The Netherlands in the water

Water management in the Netherlands? What does that mean? Find out what makes the country so remarkable and what has been invented to combat the water. And importantly, all the things that we do now to keep our feet dry.

  • Target audience: Ages 7 - 12
  • Duration: About 1.5 hours
  • Subject area: History and Engineering

Available from October 2018