Batavialand has over 36 employees, 20 work experience trainees and over 260 volunteers. Without our volunteers we would be unable to give our visitors the unique experience that we provide now; needless to say we are very grateful to them.

Management team

The management team is made up of the director, Manager Finance & Control, ICT & Facility and the departmental heads for the Knowledge & Collections and Public & Presentations departments.

Managing Director:  Jan Vriezen
Manager Finance & Control, ICT & Facility: Berry van den Hoorn
Head of Knowledge & Collections: Willy van der Most
Head of Public Engagement: Sunny Jansen

From Management Board to Supervisory Board

When the Stichting Erfgoedpark Batavialand was founded in 2012, a board was appointed under the chairmanship of Mr Cees van Bemmel. Under the board's management, the three separate organisations have taken great strides in recent years that ultimately led to the founding of Batavialand as of 1 July 2017. For the Board, the moment has arrived to transform into a Supervisory Board and expand the responsibilities of the Batavialand director to include those of a managing director.

Supervisory Board

Dorien Fröling
Charlotte Huygens
Menno Smits