The outside areas at Batavialand are ideally suited for events, drinks, BBQs and much more. The open nature of these outside areas make them the perfect venue for gatherings of all types. The outside area of the shipyard is situated between the open structure of the 7 Provinces and the ship that is also still being built. The open area of the shipyard is a wonderful location for events, for which attendance can range from 15 to 2500 people. The outside terrain can be customised to your liking with campfires, picnic tables and canopies.

Batavialand is also the ideal location for a customer relations day. Put the spotlights on your new products at Batavialand. Introduce your customers to your products in one of our traditional workshops and treat them to a nice culinary surprise from our grill. Batavialand is an inspiring and photogenic venue for countless festivities.

The Grand Cabin aboard the Batavia is a remarkable room with amazing ambience, status and history and it is available for dinner occasions and meetings. You can also choose to enjoy a nice drink on the pier with a view of the Markermeer lake and the sunset. Naturally, you can combine an event at Batavialand with the renting one of our (authentic) halls. We are happy to invite you to Batavialand to explore all available options!