The story of the Netherlands is the story of water. Water as a bitter enemy, and also as a source of trade and prosperity. Batavialand brings our struggle against the water to life – not only the reclamations and dyke building, but also the expeditions, the overseas trade and the specialist knowledge exported by the Netherlands. Over 7,000 years of living on the boundary between water and land: you will hear, see and feel it at Batavialand!

Shipyard and museum at a fitting location

Batavialand is located at a fitting place: by the Markermeer lake, in the easily accessible city of Lelystad, the capital of the Flevoland province (which is the largest-ever reclamation project). Batavialand has an indoor and outdoor location. Outside you will find the shipyard, with the famous replica East Indiaman the Batavia at the pier. The museum will surprise you with maritime exhibitions, presentations and activities for even our youngest visitors. Batavialand is a great, educational and interactive day out for the whole family.