Mission Batavialand

Batavialand communicates the pragmatic Dutch mentality, shaped by the challenge of living on the boundary between water and land. Batavialand showcases the knowledge and expertise about that land-water connection: about polders, water management, shipbuilding and trade; in the past, present and future. Batavialand is where you are taken into the world of technology and the commercial spirit. Where Michiel de Ruyter and Cornelis Lely logically meet each other as the symbols and pillars of Dutch society and culture. Batavialand’s programmes let it cater to a wide national and international audience.

Vision of Batavialand

Batavialand will be the foremost park that communicates Dutch mentality and strength, representing a common thread for Dutch people and providing inspiration to others. Batavialand aims to provide in-depth information to its visitors through an intense experience and close partnerships with public and private parties. Batavialand’s aim is to become the foremost location in the Netherlands where the origin of our national DNA, shaped by life on the boundary between land and water, is put in the spotlight.