Education is a dynamic concept at Batavialand. There is something to be learned from every theme we cover: reclamation, shipbuilding, trade by water, archaeology and Flevoland. Children are taught the story of the Netherlands in a fun and interactive way.

The story of the Netherlands is a story of water. Water not only as a bitter enemy also as a source of trade and prosperity. Batavialand brings our struggle against the water to life – the reclamations and dyke building- as well as the expeditions, the overseas trade and the specialist knowledge exported by the Netherlands. Over 7,000 years of living on the boundary between water and land: you will hear, see and feel it at Batavialand!

Batavialand's educational offering is very diverse and can be tailored however you want. We are happy to tie in with specific topics in education and provide a customised project within the frameworks you set.