A day out with the family

Go on a family outing to Batavialand!

Enjoy a family day out on weekends, during vacations, or on a free day. In the interactive museum Batavialand in Lelystad, there is plenty to do for every member of the family. Take a journey through Dutch overseas history together and learn about 7,000 years of living on the edge of land and water. The youngest family members will certainly not be bored with the challenging assignments and playful activities in the museum and the shipyard.

Out with the family

A day out with the whole family, how fun is that? That's what you'll experience at Batavialand. Batavialand consists of two parts: the museum and the shipyard. The two parts are within walking distance of each other, and with a ticket to Batavialand, you can visit both. Double the fun, because both in the museum and at the shipyard, you'll be amazed and get hands-on!

A museum for the whole family

In the museum, you go on a discovery journey through Dutch history with the whole family. A boring history lesson? Certainly not! You'll dive into history together: steer ships, discover special shipwrecks, and learn how the first inhabitants of Flevoland lived.

Interactive discovery journey

Right upon entering, the discovery journey through the centuries can begin. In the museum, you feel what it's like to hoist a sail, load a ship, and assemble a frame. You also go on a search for historical finds as a real archaeologist. Can your family complete all the tasks and discover secrets the fastest? Take on the challenge!

Educational exhibitions

A visit to Batavialand means not only a fun family outing full of enjoyment but also a lot of learning. The museum has various exhibitions, such as the IJsselkogge, Lost ships, OER!, and The Water Theatre. In these exhibitions, you learn about how people used to live and the challenges they faced. For instance, try steering a ship while a strong wind blows and it pours with rain. And how do you keep a route navigable when the river water keeps getting shallower?


One of the highlights in the museum of Batavialand is The Flevowand. On a sixty-meter-long cloth, historical scenes are hand-embroidered. For fourteen years, about 25 female residents of Biddinghuizen worked on the unique embroidery reflecting the history of the Zuiderzee.

For children, there are various tasks at the Flevowand, such as making new embroidery stitches on the wall. A special way to dive into the history of Dutch waters.

Family outing: discover the shipyard

At the shipyard, history really comes to life. You walk around on The Batavia: a reconstruction of an authentic VOC ship. The guides tell you about the exciting journey to Western Australia. Children experience a unique adventure in the authentic workshop at the shipyard with nail forging and rope making.

Will you also visit the special waterskip, which is in the construction phase? This most characteristic fishing ship from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries is being reconstructed as accurately as possible.

Educational tours

In the museum and at the shipyard, interesting tours are also given. On the tour of the VOC ship the Batavia, you learn about the harsh life and work on board the ship. In the museum, we give tours on request about the Zuiderzee project, land reclamation, and the Swifterbant culture.

Challenging treasure hunts

Batavialand is fully equipped for family outings, which also include exciting treasure hunts! We only offer this extra activity during school holidays. Go on the Blacklight treasure hunt on the Batavia to find invisible clues or hidden rats, or learn all about the shipyard with the Treasure Chest treasure hunt.

When will you visit?

Do you already know when your family outing will take place? Then plan your visit to Batavialand in advance. Also, check our agenda to see which activities are available on your day out in Flevoland. For more information about Batavialand, you can contact us at 0320 22 59 00.