Batavialand has two restaurants with amazing ambience. Brasserie Hajé de Taveerne and restaurant De Cantine are your go-to places for a nice cup of coffee, the finest pastries, lunch, or an amazing dinner. They are both exquisite locations for unwinding after all the experiences at Batavialand.


Hajé de Taveerne is an attractive brasserie located in Batavialand at the shipyard. It is a splendid location for taking a break after all the impressions gained at Batavialand. You can enjoy a nice cup of coffee with pastry, a quick lunch or even a full dinner. For more info and pricing, please consult the brochure of Hajé de Taveerne.


Restaurant De Cantine is the restaurant next to the museum. The restaurant has a wide range of delicious food, varying from a club sandwich or a tasty tournedos to one of the fish specialties. Dining at restaurant De Cantine means enjoying food in an informal and atmospheric setting.

De brasserie de Taveerne