The Lost Ships exhibition shows you how bustling the Zuiderzee once was and how turbulent its waters were during bad weather. Over 435 shipwrecks have been discovered since the reclamation of Flevoland, like the ventjager that perished around 1710. An absolute centrepiece!

About the ventjager

The primary task of this vessel, a ventjager, was transporting live fish. The ventjager purchased the fish directly from the fishermen at sea, who could then stay out on open waters. The ventjager then hurried back to shore, where customers could enjoy fresh fish. Going full circle, the ventjager supplied the fishermen with new materials obtained ashore.

At the centre of the ventjager's hold was a large, water-filled hold called the 'bun'. Because the hull of the ship was had holes at the bun, water could flow in and out freely. That is how the fish stayed alive. And so the ventjager sailed the Zuiderzee carrying quite a few tonnes of fish and a crew of four.